Sustainable Business Strategies

CPN has transformed sustainable development to practical strategies by taking sustainability issues from the assessment process into the annual business strategic3 planning resulting in, the long-term strategic plan: 5-Year Strategic Direction and annual strategic plan. The Board of Directors and top managements considered and formulated business strategies.

Diversification of Business Base of Property Development and Management

CPN aimed to strengthen business growth and reduced business risks by diversifying the business base both geography and investment. For instance seeking opportunities to expand investment abroad such as in Southeast Asia with a potential of stable economic growth, expanding new businesses types conducive to shopping center such as condominiums, hotels, office buildings, creating a new business ecosystem such as a big scale integrated projects combining the supply chain and business groups in the same area and conducive business groups to create value added to project and respond to the changing of consumers’ needs and behaviors.

Products and Services Innovation and Property Development

CPN maintained competitiveness edge and continue expanding the business by developing a shopping center to provide various lifestyles and activities more than only buying goods. The development is aiming for the customer to share activities together through creativity and application of new innovations in design, decoration, of buildings. The development of new objective created the consumers to feel the differences by letting those who have the same life style to share the space under the management of CPN.

Property Management and Stakeholder Engagement

CPN managed the existing shopping centers and real estate for maximum benefits based on customer needs by listening to and collaborating with stakeholders. CPN’s potential and expertise were applied in creating common value with commitment to “jointly creating value with stakeholders and society in general” as well as application of technology in management and implementation within the company and shift of work processes to increase modernity, efficiency and security to all stakeholders.

Excellency Management

CPN emphasized on the development and improvement of operational efficiency continuously according to international standards by reducing resources consumption, using renewable resource and environmentally friendly technologies, managing effective human resources, increasing productivity for organization and society, and creating corporate culture based on Good Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development in business, society and environment.

Funding and Financing Management

CPN’s intended to build financial strength aiming to sustain business expansion plans by focusing on financial prudence and provided numerous forms of funding, including funding from business operations, loans, debentures, real estate investment trust (REIT), share issuance for additional funding and efficient management of finance costs.