Sustainability Performance

Performance of 2018 Plan for 2019
Sustainability Indicators
  • Specified “Shopper Satisfaction Scores” as a corporate KPI, targeted to achieve 85%.
  • CPN obtained Shopper Satisfaction Score of 82% (1% lower than 2017 due to the expansion of participants).
  • Specify “Shopper Satisfaction Scores” as a corporate KPI with the higher score 2% compare to 2018 and long - term target of 85% in 2022.
Developing shopping complexes based on a customer-centric
  • Successfully established three shopping complexes as planned: one completed, namely Central Phuket Floresta; 5 under renovations, one completed, namely Central World
  • Successful development of product innovations and new services. 15 destinations as planned in 10 projectss.
  • Two shopping complexes to be constructed; five shopping complexes to be renovated, continueously 2 projects according to plans.
  • Follow product innovations formats to meet the target of 20 destinations.
Service Excellence
  • Implementation of the strategy plan on service quality enhancement they are, developing charter of customer relation, sanitary and security service, firstly piloted at CentralWorld
  • Successfil implementation of strategic plan on creation of beyond expectations experience and improvement on the current amenities for customers. 17 new services of 14 projects.
  • Follow up ISO 45001 to pilot 2 projects
  • In 2018, CPN obtained Shopper Satisfaction Score “convenience” of 85% (5% higher than 2017) and security of 79% (same as 2017)
  • Implementation of the on plan on increasing customers and tenant’ satisfaction follow digital and destination strategy
  • Follow the requested for the accreditation of ISO 45001 at least two projects.
Application of Digital and Tecnology
  • Implementation on the strategic plan to offer unique experiences for customers via Line application in the fourth quarter of 2018. Number of Line friends (@centallife) was lower than the target.
  • Implementation on the strategic plan to offer convenience for stores CPN Serve, piloted one project and the number of stores participating met the target.
  • Implementation on the strategic plan to offer digital experiences for customers and apply big data to create usefull dimensions to company such as increasing customers and stores satisfaction and relationship.
Performance of 2018 Plan for 2019
Sustainability Indicators
  • Applied “tenant satisfaction scores” as a corporate KPI, setting the target at 80%.
  • In 2018, CPN’s tenant satisfaction score was 80%, meeting the target (which increased from 2017 by 2.6%).
  • Applied “tenant satisfaction scores” as a corporate KPI and set the target at 83%.
Tenant Relationship Management
  • Implementing the development plan on tenants’ potential under CPNlead 2 project, attended by 40 people and 14 trainees expand business with CPN, and 21 trainees expanded new branches.
  • Implement strategic plan on strengthen tenants’ relationship and planned together with 2,739 brands to meet the target.
  • Implemented of strategic plan on property and tenant management to meet the target. Formulated sales strategies and increased sales efficiency. Operational teams were passed 9 training courses from 16 training sessions resulting 10% of sales productivity.
  • Supporting small and local enterprenures operation with the total of 5,033 modern trade stores (accumulated count as of De cember 31, 2018).
  • Implementing a strategic sales promotional plan that focuses on nationwide campaigns, targeting specific clients and increase pop-up stores to increase 10 folds in 2017
  • Implementing a plan for joint application of digital technology with tenants focusing 100% of target using CPN Serve.
  • Increasing proportion of local enterprenures at 10-20% from both CPN Retail Academy project and recruiting.
Performance of 2018 Plan for 2019
Sustainability Indicators
  • Introduce the CG Voice Scores as corporate KPIs and set the target at 80% (same as the former measurment)
  • CPN’s CG Voice Score this year was 73% (5% lower than last year) due to measuring adjustment
  • Apply CG Voice Scores as corporate KPIs and set a target at 75%
  • Apply Employee productivity as corporate KPIs and set a target of 5% increase compare to 2017
Recruitment and Retention
  • Operate according to the employee engagement plan for the organization, even the voluntary rate of resignation from the organization and the rate of the talent groups resignation have increased but the results from the analysis showed that they were in the normal range.
  • Operate according to the plan to adjust the standard of wage and responsibility in each task successfully according to the plan.
  • No hiring from other union and no labor union was established within organization
  • No complaints and labor disputes
  • Undertake capacity building in the recruitment and hiring of people whose competencies match CPN’s requirements.
  • Continue implementing the smart-office development plan.
  • Implement acceptance culture of rapid changes in the organization and strengthen I • CARE value.
Leadership and Competence Development
  • Implemented the Middle Leadership Development Plan and acquired 100% qualified management participated in the plan set as target at 81%.
  • Implemented recruiting for excellence center as a target
  • Develop a potential middle leader emphasis on people management and enhancing digital skills
  • Study and compare the employee’s competency and performance with internationally standards.
High-effieincy and Effective Organization
  • Safety statistic
    - Injury rate (IR) 0.13 case per 200,000 working hrs.
    - Lost Day Rate (LDR) 0.005 lost day per 200,000 working hrs.
    - Absentee Rate 1.36%
  • In 2018, no employees were seriously injured, sick or die due to work
  • Improve employee management system for productivity measurement
  • Modified data collection process on stakeholders’ safety to be systematic and ready to use for developing and monitoring plans to reduce recurring and frequent accidents.
Performance of 2018 Plan for 2019
Sustainability Indicators
  • Determining the achievement of the operational plan, managing partners according to the sustainability and risk management guidelines as a department level indicator
  • CPN has implemented the business partner management plan in accordance with the goal of achieving sustainable management by assessing competitive advantages in the case of joining the project, announcing the intention to fight against corruption of the company being an intensive selection criterion for partners.
  • Schedule innovation development with partners as one of the organization’s innovation indicators.
Supply Chain Managment
  • Suppliers and contractors passed the assessment of sustainability properties both economic and environment and society dimensions with the total of 382 persons, increasing from the year 2017 almost 2 times (180 percent)
  • Develop knowledge for partners to see benefits in cashless society which is part of pushing the anti-corruption policy and corporate governance of the organization
  • Initiated a concrete development approach for partners with partners who were evaluated at a fair level, with 4% of the partners participating in the project.
  • No accidents (fatality) occurred during the construction and renovation of the project in 2018.
  • No complaints about human rights violations, Illegal labor or causing the impact on the community and environment in the CPN project that was constructed and renovated 2018.
  • There are a number of purchasing projects being hired through the online auction system of 128 jobs, worth over 384 million baht and the efficiency of the management costs increased by 35 percent compared to the cost before the auction.
  • There are a number of local partners that conduct transactions between the year 2018, the number of 1,172 representing a percentage 23 of all partners. Total value of local turnover is 331 million baht.
  • Implement the plan, review and assess the risk of the annual partner. Determine and follow measures to reduce risks with key partners.
  • Develop relationships with strategic partners both in innovation and the potential development of partners.
  • Follow up and develop a plan to reduce accidents during construction and renovation of projects.
Performance of 2018 Plan for 2019
Sustainability Indicator
  • Determining the achievement of the Creating Shared Value program as an organization level indicator. By setting employee volunteer hours of 5,000 hours.
  • In the year 2018, there were 8,508 employees of the company participating in activities to create value with the community and CPN volunteer activities totaling 70 percent more than the set goals.
  • Determining the achievement of the Creating Shared Value program as an organization level indicator by setting employee volunteer hours of 10,000 hours.
Community Engagement
  • Organize marketing activities to become a center of life and the center of the community, a total of 320 activities, more than 1 time of set goal.
  • Supporting space for government agencies and communities without charge as a joint budget of 81.2 million baht to support manpower and budget for the implementation of the CPN Volunteer Program and the project to create shared values with the community, totaling 5.2 million baht.
  • Success in creating a two-way volunteer culture, defined by top down and bottom up approach with 29 activities (excluding Central Green activities) with 2,840 hours of volunteer hours or 33 percent of all volunteer hours in 2018.
  • Support and cooperate with the Central Group in implementing social projects under the name of “Central Tham” and Central Group totaling 20.1 million baht and donating to charity through various foundations. Total amount is 8.4 million baht
  • There are no significant complaints about the impact on the community and the environment.
  • Increase the number of marketing activities to become a center of community to sup port 100 small businesses.
  • Operate according to the plan to create a volunteer culture in the organization, both top down and bottom up, distributed by region.
  • Support the development of education through the CPN project to cultivate Thai intelligence and the Pracha Ratana Power Project By focusing on communities that have business operations.
Performance of 2018 Plan for 2019
Sustainability Indicators
  • Assigned “Electricity Consumption” as a department level key performance indicator with the target reduction of 2% (compared to 2017)
  • CPN achieved a reduction in electricity consumption (excluding that of tenant shops) of 2% compared to 2017.
  • By 2025, the total reduction of SEC index will be 20% to the level at the base year (2015).
  • Assign “Electricity Consumption” with the target reduction of 2% compared to 2018.
  • Requested accreditation of CFO including 33 shopping centers, the offices at CentralWorld, head quater and Central Phuket is divided into two projects)
  • Incorporated a total of 72 energy conservation measures at 29 shopping centers, resulting in a reduction of CPN- own usage of 12,178 MWh, representing a total reduction since 2015 at 45,210 MWh.
  • Installation of solar panels on the rooftop more for 6 projects from total of 9 projects produced solar electricity 6,175 MWh.
  • Commenced with the installation of concessionary water recycling systems at 7 projects, which brought the proportion of recycled water to 2.9% of total water usage as planned.
  • Implemented Waste4Fun projects of waste separation and incorporated ledger system at CentralPlaza WestGate, which signified positive respond and extended to for improvement on waste separation.
  • Implemented waste management as a target plan continues conducting for 3 years.
  • Requested for the accreditation of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) of foodwOrld zone of 7th floor at CentralWorld, expecting of gold level
  • More requested accreditation of ISO 14001 at 3 locations as planned.
  • Progressed with sustainability assessment (environment, social and governance) with 382 suppliers and contractors.
  • Committed no trespass or violation of off-limit areas either by law or consent of owner.
  • Detected no unlawful action with major loss or leakage based on good environment management practices.
  • Lead CPN to be certified as a Carbon Footprint Organization including new operation projects.
  • Complete the installation of solar panels at the rooftop of 7 projects.
  • Consider goal of SDGs 7 as a guideline for long-term clean energy usage.
  • Target of reused water at 5% of all water consumption usage.
  • Request for ISO 14001 accreditation for 2 additional locations.
  • Target to reduce waste landfil 2% compare to 2018
  • Establish a prototype center for environment management with community at least 1 project.