Materiality Assessment of Sustainability Issues

1. Identification of material issues

CPN had reviewed significant issues of by adding risks and opportunities such as cyber-risks and the impact of online media as well as risks and opportunities from new business models. For example a joint venture, international expansion, and including feedback and report from stakeholders’ evaluation, outside agencies and RobecoSAM, MSCI, FTSE as well.

2. Prioritization of material issues

CPN prioritized the sustainability issues, risks and opportunities by analyzing together with relevant agencies and direct stakeholders as assessment processes in the year . All five main stakeholders are the same however increasing the aspects from shareholders through assessment and prioritization of sustainability issues at the annual shareholders’ meeting considered two dimensions; 1) significant impacts and opportunities to CPN’s business operations and 2) stakeholders’ interest and priority dividing into low, medium and high levels.

3. Validation of material issues

CPN verified the completeness of significant issues by the Risk Policy Committee and the Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development Committee to approve and confirm 10 sustainable issues, risks, and significant opportunities in 2018. The implementation of business plan and sustainability indicators was approved by the Executive Vice President with the Chief Executive Officer as the Chairman as well as the external audited by independent agencies, covering stakeholders and the results of organizational strategies toward security and environment.

4. Review and Report of material issues

CPN monitored performance of all significant issues through the report of indicators toward the business plan, sustainability development and risk management conducted by the management committee. The information disclosures according to international criteria were considered to be approved by the Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development Committee.

Assessment of Significant Sustainability Issues

  1. Risk management (locally, internationally and new business)
  2. Adaption to consumers’ behavior
  3. Developing customer satisfaction
  4. Tenant sourcing and engagement
  5. Employee development and engagement
  6. Community and social responsibility
  7. Resource and environmental management
  8. Supply chain management and business partner development
  9. Corporate governance
  10. Technology confrontation and the application of Technology