Management Guidelines

CPN reviewed and added indicators of sustainable development according to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) by integrating a 5-year long-term strategic plan (2019-2023) and determining sustainable business direction to become the “Center of Community” and “Center of Life”. This has been used as a framework for the economic, social and environmental plans of the company. The monitoring were conducted by the Management Committee, the Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development Committee, and Risk Management Committee on a regular basis, and translating the results of the assessment indicators to the performance assessment of executives and employees, cascading down proportionally in the business functions, as well as assigning an executive as the SD Champion to promote and support the drive of the action plan to meet the targets.

SDGs Action Plan Indicator and Sustainability Target
Sustainable Business

Sustainability Issue

  • Risk management
  • Corporate governance
CPN aims to grow in business by distributing risk in investment and create new business environment by providing job creating business opportunity and income to the community. Operating on the base of good governance, corruption prevention stimulates and promotes good governance throughout the organization.
  • Identify guideline for the company in supporting local entrepreneur including hiring the local people and purchasing materials in the business area site
  • Installing the business control policy and the anti-corruption policy in the work ethics and business partner process manual
  • Organizing activity to promote understanding of control and corporate governance such as advertisement, training, self-evaluation concerning corporate governance.
Additional details in:
Strategy on Diversification of property development and management business
Strategy on Excellency Management, small unit: Corporate governance
  • The rate of growth and the rate of return of investment 15%.
  • Ratio of local labor hiring and purchasing from the local business owner.
  • The success in accepting the project of CAC recertification.
Sustainable Stakeholders

Sustainability Issue

  • Adaption to consumers’ behavior
  • Delightful customer experience
CPN formulated strategy and plan according to stakeholder perspective
  • Customer: strategy in developing shopping complexes to be destination of life to engage activities in the same sharing space.
  • Tenant: participating and listening to tenants’ voice, developing business growth and expansion, mobilizing technology for convenience to tenants and customers
  • Community: follow the plan in developing strong community, developing small business owner, developing aim for traveling, developing
  • Customer satisfaction at 85 %
  • Tenants satisfaction at 80%
  • Number of innovative product - new goals
  • Reduction of number of complain concerning services
  • Proportion of marketing activity on promoting community value increase 8 % from the year 2017
  • The total volunteer hour of the employee equal to 5,000 hours
  • The score of employees royalty is 80%
  • Coping and applying technology computer and network
  • Tenant sourcing and engagement
  • Community and social responsibility
  • Employee development and engagement
  • Supply chain management and business partner development
  • market activity that promote value and signature of the community together with the education project under CPN project of “Planting Thai Wisdom” and Central Green Project.
  • Employees: Proposing long term goal of the organization Employer of Choice” and follow the plan of providing high quality of life. Promoting organization commitment and the preparation to the organization of innovation.
  • Business partner: Including the aspect of corporate governance, environment and society in the purchasing process. Requiring the purchasing process to be fair, transparency and utilizing technology in screening, hiring and auction with the consideration of risk management, participation in innovation development between business partner and business alliance.
Additional details in:
Strategy on Property development innovation
Strategy on Property management and stakeholder engagement
Strategy on Excellency Management
Sustainable Resources

Sustainability Issue

  • Resource and environmental management

CPN realized the impact of climate change that affects society and the environment and probably affects the business operation. Therefore, business plans were formulated based on efficiency resources management, including 4Rs, Reduce / Reuse / Recycle / Responsible as well as investing of alternative resources and promoting participation in the community. The long-term sustainable development goals of environment were formulated to comply with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as goal No. 12.2; achieving sustainable and efficiency resources management, goal No. 12.5; reducing wastes by reduced, reused and recycle, goal No. 13.2, reducing greenhouse gas emission to 20% in 2025, and goal No. 7.2; increasing the proportion of renewable energy.

Additional details in:
Strategic on Excellence management, small unit: Resource and environmental management

  • Reducing of electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emission by 2% compare to 2017
  • The usage of renewable water was 5% of the total amount of water consumption.
  • Waste management achieves the set standard goal.
  • Not less than 75% of operating projects requested for the accreditation of ISO 14001.