Engagement Of Key Stakeholders

The stakeholders are divided into 9 major groups and CPN has assigned specific sections to respond to participation in all stakeholders’ expectation and integrate significant issues derived from their comment and suggestion into improving service processes continuously. CPN has increased more channels to communicate and participate with stakeholders as follow;

1. Classification and Analysis of Stakeholders

Classified stakeholders into major and minor stakeholders to analyze risks as well as direct and indirect impacts, and channels of appropriate participation in joint formulation of sustainability issues

2. Comments and Participation

Provided online and offline communications, including meetings in person, by directly responsible employees on a continuous basis, as well as channels for suggestions, complaints, survey of needs, satisfaction, commitment, focus groups, meetings, joint activities as stipulated by the process on a regular basis

3. Response

Formulated the process of response to needs and complaints of each group based on appropriateness, compactness, and complete, sufficient, and timely communication or disclosure of information. Formulated the process to appropriately sustain and analyze the received information, leading to development and improvement of internal processes

Stakeholder Engagement with stakeholders Interest and expectations of stakeholder Response
  • Customers’ behavior survey for new projects by external experts(3 times)
  • Annual customers’ online satisfaction survey (2 times)
  • Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and LINE (new projects only)
  • Quality of services
  • Safety and convenience of services
  • Reasons of selecting the services
  • Ability to respond to customer needs
  • Speed in receiving - sending messages
Innovation Lifestyle Shopping Malls
  • Online survey toward tenant’ satisfaction (1 time)
  • Partner engagement meeting (1 time)
  • Entrepreneurship development training
  • Tenants meeting in special events
  • Quality of services
  • Worthiness and efficiency in shopping center management
  • Convenience and safety of service
  • Convenient and speedy financial transaction channel
Partner Development
  • 360-degree assessment of manager competency (1 time)
  • Corporate engagement activities through CPN GEN WE applications
  • The experiences that match lifestyle other than work experience
  • Pride of being CPN’s employee
Employee Engagement
Business Partner(Suppliers & Contractors)
  • Annual meeting of business partners (2 times)
  • Self-assessment of business Partner (1 time)
  • Executive meeting of Joint venture
  • Opinion survey and assessment of business partner meeting (1 time)
  • Sustainable business partner operation guidelines
  • In-depth suggestions to develop innovation for business cooperation
  • Progress of business operations
Supply Chain Management
Community & Society
  • Participating in Central Green Activity, CPN Volunteer Activity and other CSR activities (51 times)
  • Study visit, cooperating with community and local wisdom in CSR activities
  • Development for mutual benefits with community
Community Engagement
Public Sector, EducationalInstitutes, Independent Organization and other organizations in society
  • Meeting with the public sector
  • MOU meeting with public sectors, educational institutes and independent organizations
  • Cooperation for knowledge management
  • Cooperation for environmental management
  • Information sharing
  • Cooperating HR development
Community Engagement
  • Survey of shareholders’ perspective toward sustainability issues (1 time)
  • Business growth
Corporate Governance Policy
  • Communicating with specific group through social media such as LINE
  • Speedy of news distribution specifically safety and the latest announced law and regulations related to business operations
Corporate Governance Policy
  • Quarterly meeting of listed company and investors (Opportunity Day)
  • Discloser data through website www.cpn.co.th
  • Annual report
  • Direct contact with financial management section
  • Company credit analyzing
  • Future projects and productivities
  • Debt repayment performance
Corporate Governance Policy