Partner Development

Sustainability context

CPN implemented store management and development plan by focusing on entrepreneur participation in accordance with the direction of innovation - new destinations in order to develop the shopping complexes to be the center of life and community that provided jobs opportunities and developing community economic. The plan can be categories as follows

The Senior Executive Vice President of Operations supports and promotes the co-creation of business opportunities and success with tenants. The Executive Vice President of Leasing and the Executive Vice President of Marketing seek entrepreneurs and manage good relations with tenants, including helping them grow and succeed in doing business with CPN.

The Executive Vice President of Operations oversees branch operations, namely tenant service, relations management, and satisfaction surveys, which are cascaded down to the Regional General Manager and the General Manager of each branch.

1. Recruiting new tenants

CPN supported new tenants to experimenting running their business in variety styles namely, the pop-up store format at CPN’s center locations in a specific time distributed to all the projects in the country. In addition, CPN continue to develop store format at new food zone such as the development of foodwOrld on 7th floor at CentralWorld and Tale of Thailand at Central Phuket.

2. Tenants Development

1) New concept development related to the direction of innovation - new destinations development. It is an integrated collaboration between the business development team, sales team, shop-style inspection team, shop relation team and entrepreneurs such as, the development of small size coffee shops, cafes and desserts at the sharing space. In addition, product line extension has also been developed.

2) New tenants development has focused on training to acquired knowledge and increase management skills in modern trade business open widely for new and existing entrepreneurs. CPN continue to launch two projects: CPNlead (CPN leading Entrepreneur Advanced Development Program) and CPN Retail Academy.

3. Relationship engagement

CPN has developed business participation by meeting with tenants. In-depth meetings resulted to the development of new marketing and promotion program specified to address tenants’ need and aimed to increase sale and management efficiency.

1) New collection development especially fashion and distribute for sale only in stores located in shopping complexes managed by CPN.

2) Promotion development has variety formats, namely Exclusive campaign @ CPN, the joint promotion with The One Card (T1C) and credit card, cross promotion campaigns such as tuition institutes and cinemas, Grab and restaurants.

3) Partner engagement meeting is an important channel to communicate policy and business plans, educate tenants new trends of business, listen to the comments and concerns.

4) Tenant relationship activities to strengthen engagement and attentively listen to their informal comments.

4. Public hearing

CPN modified the tenants’ satisfaction survey method from annual survey to a quarterly interview tenant relation team. The survey was both in-depth interviews and online surveys developed and analyzed by the internal marketing research team.