Management Approaches

CPN recognizes the significance of global warming caused by climate change that does not only have direct impact to the business, such as construction plan, but also indirect impact to the operations through natural disasters, such as flood and earthquake, that may disrupt the business or prevent service offering to customers. Therefore, CPN identifies the risks of climate change as one of the of the factors for sustainability management, as well as establishes preventive plan and baseline resource management plan, especially on the effective use of electricity and water resource. CPN intends to minimize impact to the environment by utilizing the available resources to operate its business in the best possible way.

The environment management at CPN is conducted according to the climate change and environment guidelines 1, the policy of which was announced to cover operation and management of natural resources, energy, utility, climate, environment, biodiversity, and waste management to ensure the maximum benefit and effectiveness in a systematic and sustainable way. It focuses on the following: