Innovation Lifestyle Shopping Malls

With a customer-centric approach, we are allowed to use research findings and tendency analyses regarding customers’ changing behaviour to rearrange the proportions of elements and stores in new shopping complexes. This aims to generate the beyond-expectation experiences by means of “add and drop” components in zoning areas to catch up with new customers’ demand and changing consumption patterns. CPN’s modification and addition of new zones as one of the plans to create new innovations for shopping complexes. In addition, CPN piloted new zoning development for major renovations in its shopping complexes, as well as new shopping complexes to be opened in the past half a decade.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Senior Executive Vice President of Business Development and Project Construction and the Senior Executive Vice President of Operations are responsible for customer insights prior to shopping mall construction and renovation. The research units from both business groups are directly in charge of conducting research and forwarding information to relevant business groups, i.e. Business Development, Leasing, and Marketing and Asset Management, for the analysis and development of shopping malls, services, and marketing strategies.

Sustainability Performance

CPN specified new destinations as one of the organization’s product innovation plans every year. Key indicators and follow-up results were formulated.

1. Family Destination

A combination designs - combine a relaxation area, a resting site and a playground. Destination zone for children was created for active learning outside classroom which are convenience, safety and healthy, particularly for kids such as:

  • Indoor playground: custom design based on the specific identity of location in each shopping complex
  • Kid’s Restroom: separated from the adult area for children self-practice at a young age
  • Dining areas for children: especially in the Food Park zone, managed by CPN
  • Destination zone: to enhance learning skills for children
2. Food Destinations

A great variety of choices is set up, dividing zones according to the lifestyle of consumers such as Food Ville, Food Patio, Fish & Seafood Market and Tales of Thailand.

3. Lifestyle Destination

A co-working Space, co-investing with Common Ground Group, Malaysia to create and develop sustainable integrated workspace community by connecting through portals and applications called Ambition Engine. In addition, there is a unique space for working, Wellness Zone; exercise and health activities, Trendy Market; marketing activities for all lifestyles such as pet lovers, bike lovers, music lovers, arts & crafts and favorite hobbies.

4. Center of Community

CPN supports local economy by providing more sale channels for local entrepreneurs to distribute their products, developing landmark to attract visitors with memorable experiences in communities and provinces and facilitating the community.

  • Support small SMEs renovating in FashionPlus Zone
  • Develop tourist destinations by collaborating with business partners such as “Tribhum” or the world’s first 3D fantasy adventure park and “Aquaria”, the first new concept aquarium in Thailand
  • Collaborate with government to develop Government Center Services both in Bangkok and other provinces.