Waste and Garbage Management

Waste Water Management

CPN follows the law regarding waste water management; all waste water is treated before releasing to public water sources. In addition to installing the waste water treatment system at all sites, CPN has applied ISO 14000 standards in its waste water management. Each branch follows two plans and one manual, namely the preventive maintenance plan and system repair plan, and the maintenance manual, in its waste water management. Properties of waster are checked both before and after treatment. Waste water examination by a third party bearing the ISO/IEC17025 certificate is carried out at least once every quarter. CPN also has a measuring, recording, and reporting process before releasing waster into public water sources. For stores situated close to public water sources, waste water is treated by a biomass technology.

Garbage Management

Group of Waste General waste Recycle waste Hazardous waste Infectious waste
Storage methods in waste pilling shelter Black plastic bags Recycled waste bin Hazardous waste bin Retail shops/tenants coordinate the management of waste with service providers by themselves Red plastic bags
Management and collection frequency Daily, except for garden refuse, which is collected weekly Monthly Monthly According to individual service contracts
Responsible parties Assigning the job to private/ governmental providers of waste disposal service, with proper recording of assignment for future references and checks
Waste management assessor The Environmental Working Group follows up on and records the outcomes of environmental operations regarding waste management on the ISO 1400 standard form and follow-up on the outcomes of corrective actions within the specific period
CPN sorts waste generated within shopping centers into 4 groups
(1) General waste
(2) Recyclable waste (or wet garbage from food zones)
(3) Hazardous waste
(4) Infectious waste.


Each day, all garbage is disposed into waste piling shelters and sorted into four groups as mentioned above. Saleable waste is sorted from general waste, recycled waste, and wet garbage, and is sold to contractors for recycling. Contractors are selected under CPN's regulation, specifying systematic comparison of their qualifications. The remaining waste is buried or burned by government agencies in respective areas. Hazardous waste and infectious waste are separately packed into properly marked bags, describing the type of waste in each bag and moved away to be destroyed through proper methods by contractors. These contractors are also selected under CPN's regulation specifying a systematic comparison of their qualifications.