Stakeholders Engagement

CPN deeply cares for and respond responsibly to all stakeholders, ready to listen to their feedback to develop a sustainable business under good corporate governance, with the following framework to serve each stakeholder:

  • Co-creating opportunities and success with tenants
  • Adhering to the customer-centric approach
  • Working professionally and fostering pride among employees as part of organization
  • Developing into center for communities
  • Managing climate change and environmental impacts
  • Expanding businesses with suppliers and being socially responsible
  • Being a credible and trustworthy organization.
Key Stakeholders Examples of Communications Channels and Stakeholders’ Engagement Issues in Stakeholders’ Interest Stakeholder Response Mechanism
  • Website
  • Social media
  • Media in the shopping centers
  • Customer services staff at information counter or on-site staff such as housekeepers and security guards
  • CPN Call Center: +66 (0) 2021 9999
  • Call Point at parking area
  • E-mail :  or
  • Annual customer satisfaction survey
  • Satisfaction survey on sales promotion activities
  • Customer behavior survey
  • Marketing and sale promotion   campaigns
  • New trends and consumer behavior
  • Ideas and inspiration
  • Incident reporting or assistance request
  • Giving comments, recommendations, and complaints
  • Comments and recommendations on products and services
  • Changing consumer needs and behavior
  • Introducing new formats of activities and services to better fulfill consumer needs
  • Setting standards to improve services continuously improving service.
  • In case that issues requiring immediate response such as inevitable acts, officers will inform relevant units to take action and provide assistance immediately.
  • In case that issues for improvement including compliments, officers will gather and analyze comments to formulate response plan or take into proper commendation process.
  • Improving service and changing merchandise mix to gain customers’ satisfaction.
  • Quarterly and annual tenant meetings
  • Newsletters
  • Visiting and meeting with tenants to listen to their issues and find solutions together
  • CPN branch hotline ext. 1233. Tenants may directly contact CPN office at the branch where their shops are located.
  • Daily shop visit
  • CPN Call Center: +66 (0) 2021 9999
  • E-mail : or
  • Annual tenant satisfaction survey
  • CPN business plans such as a project launch or renovation plan
  • Policies, practice guidelines, and measures
  • Development on capacity and potential to operate and expand business
  • Service request or on-site incident reporting
  • Recommendations and comments on shopping mall management or tenant services
  • Communicating CPN movement and growth direction to tenants
  • Supporting tenants to expand,improve, and develop their businesses.
  • Defining service measures that are on par with international standards.
  • Jointly formulating marketing plans to improve tenants’ sales volumes
  • Holding annual training sessions for tenants
  • Providing services and solution based on international standards and significantly reducing the number of complaints
  • Improving service standards to satisfy the tenants.
  • Newsletters for internal communication such as ADMIRED, ADMIRED Plus, ADMIRED Touch, and CPN Update
  • Internal communication via Intranet and e-mail
  • Annual Management Information Meeting
  • Management-meet-employees’ activities
  • Annual branch/division communication activities
  • Formal and informal opinion survey
  • Annual survey on employees’ opinion and engagement
  • Annual employee potential assessment
  • Receiving suggestions/complaints via PO box
  • E-mail: or
  • Business direction, policies, practices, measures and awards
  • Welfare and benefits
  • Development of knowledge, capacity, skills, and experience
  • Career security and advancement
  • Giving comments and complaints
  • Regularly communicating CPN movement and business direction to employees
  • Using employees’ comments to develop and improve the organization
  • Improving employee welfare such as medical welfare and transportation reimbursement to suit the circumstance and market conditions
  • Adjusting personnel development strategies to suit the nature of work.
  • Conducting investigation under complaint-handling process and protecting complainants’ rights
Suppliers/ Contractors
  • Newsletters
  • Site visits
  • Meeting to discuss or acknowledge issues and jointly find solutions
  • Annual supplier meeting
  • Receiving suggestions/complaints via PO box
  • E-mail: or
  • Business direction, policies, practice, and other measures
  • Capacity building
  • Give suggestions and complaints
  • Communicating CPN business direction to the suppliers and contractors
  • Sharing knowledge of construction innovation and eco-friendly and energy-efficient technologies.
  • Adjusting the supplier and contractor screening process to align with CPN’s sustainability approach.
  • Developing the Code of Conduct for Suppliers
civil society
sector, and
of private sector
  • Visiting communities and representatives of community, public sector, and private sector
  • Business direction, practices, and marketing activities
  • Impacts on communities
  • Holding activities or offering venues to hold activities promoting communities’ value, tradition, and culture
  • Joining contractors and suppliers in monitoring the potential impacts on surrounding communities during the construction
  • Holding CPN Volunteer for community interests such as a fire drill
  • Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting (AGM)
  • The announcement of quarterly performance results in Analyst Briefing and Opportunity Day in cooperation with SET. The information is also disclosed on the website:
  • Annual report
  • Direct line of Investor Relations
  • Other communication channels of Central Group
  • Performance results and business growth
  • Business direction and short-term and long-term operational strategies
  • Equitable treatment of shareholders
  • Giving comments, recommendations, and complaints
  • Create sustainable quality growth, with steady returns and high performance
  • Developing the Code of Conduct in compliance with international standards as an operational guideline
  • Thai Shopping Center Association
  • Online communication channels and social network
  • Conducting business under the principle of fair competition
  • Jointly managing and developing the retail business as a whole
  • Disclosing helpful information among members
  • Disclosing information on growth, trends, and approach to drive overall business to the public such as holding press conferences
  • Representing the business sector to drive forward measures and policies that stimulate macroeconomic growth such as measures to promote Thailand as a shopping destination.