Engagement Of Key Stakeholders

CPN analyzed and divided key stakeholders into eight big groups, devised channels for comments and suggestions, encouraged stakeholders’ engagement to meet the needs and expectations of stakeholders based on appropriateness, completeness, and timeliness. CPN appropriately assigned responsible agencies in each business function, covering analysis, response, and efficient transfer of internal information to reduce direct and indirect risks and forge good relationship on a continuous basis.

1. Engagement with stakeholders

CPN analyzes and identifies key stakeholders, provides them with channels to give comments and recommendations, and endorses their engagement. This will help CPN properly serve their needs and meet their expectations.

Key Stakeholders Examples of Communications Channels and Stakeholders’ Engagement Issues in Stakeholders’ Interest Stakeholder Response Mechanism
  • Website
  • Social media
  • Media in the shopping centers
  • Customer services staff at information counter or on-site staff such as housekeepers and security guards
  • CPN Call Center: +66 (0) 2021 9999
  • Call Point at parking area
  • E-mail : whistleblower@cpn.co.th or CEO@cpn.co.th
  • Annual customer satisfaction survey
  • Satisfaction survey on sales promotion activities
  • Customer behavior survey
  • Marketing and sale promotion campaigns
  • New trends and consumer behavior
  • Ideas and inspiration
  • Incident reporting or assistance request
  • Giving comments, recommendations, and complaints
  • Comments and recommendations on products and services Changing consumer needs and behavior
  • Introducing new formats of activities and services to better fulfill consumer needs
  • Setting standards to improve services continuously improving service.
  • In case that issues requiring immediate response such as inevitable acts, officers will inform relevant units to take action and provide assistance immediately.
  • In case that issues for improvement including compliments, officers will gather and analyze comments to formulate response plan or take into proper commendation process.
  • Improving service and changing merchandise mix to gain customers’ satisfaction.
  • Quarterly and annual tenant meetings
  • Newsletters
  • Visiting and meeting with tenants to listen to their issues and find solutions together
  • CPN branch hotline ext. 1233.
  • Tenants may directly contact CPN office at the branch where their shops are located.
  • Daily shop visit
  • CPN Call Center: +66 (0) 2021 9999
  • E-mail : whistleblower@cpn.co.th or CEO@cpn.co.th
  • Annual tenant satisfaction survey
  • CPN business plans such as aa project launch or renovation plan
  • Policies, practice guidelines, and measures
  • Development on capacity and potential to operate and expand business
  • Service request or on-site incident reporting
  • Recommendations and comments on shopping mall
  • Communicating CPN movement and growth direction to tenants
  • Supporting tenants to expand, improve, and develop their businesses.
  • Defining service measures that are on par with international standards.
  • Jointly formulating marketing plans to improve tenants’ sales volumes
  • Holding annual training sessions for tenants
  • Providing services and solution based on international standards and significantly reducing the number of complaints
  • Improving service standards to satisfy the tenants.
  • Newsletters for internal communication such as ADMIRED, ADMIRED Plus,
  • ADMIRED Touch, and CPN Update
  • Internal communication via Intranet and e-mail
  • Annual Management Information
  • Meeting
  • Management-meet-employees activities
  • Annual branch/division communication activities
  • Formal and informal opinion survey
  • Annual survey on employees’ opinion and engagement
  • Annual employee potential assessment
  • Receiving suggestions/complaints via PO box
  • E-mail: whistleblower@cpn.co.th or CEO@cpn.co.th
  • Business direction, policies, practices, measures and awards
  • Welfare and benefits
  • Development of knowledge, capacity, skills, and experience
  • Career security and advancement
  • Giving comments and complaints
  • Regularly communicating CPN movement and business direction to employees
  • Using employees’ comments to develop and improve the organization
  • Improving employee welfare such as medical welfare and transportation reimbursement to suit the circumstance and market conditions
  • Adjusting personnel development strategies to suit the nature of work.
  • Conducting investigation under complaint-handling process and protecting complainants’ rights
Suppliers/ Contractors
  • Newsletters
  • Site visits
  • Meeting to discuss or acknowledge issues and jointly find solutions
  • Annual supplier meeting
  • Receiving suggestions/complaints via PO box
  • E-mail: whistleblower@cpn.co.th or CEO@cpn.co.th
  • Business direction, policies, practice, and other measures
  • Capacity building
  • Give suggestions and complaints
  • Communicating CPN business direction to the suppliers and contractors
  • Sharing knowledge of construction innovation and eco-friendly and energy-efficient technologies.
  • Adjusting the supplier and contractor screening process to align with
  • CPN’s sustainability approach.
  • Developing the Code of Conduct for Suppliers
Communities, government agencies, civil society sector, and representatives of private sector
  • Visiting communities and representatives of community, public sector, and private sector
  • Business direction, practices, and marketing activities
  • Impacts on communities
  • Holding activities or offering venues to hold activities promoting communities’ value, tradition, and culture
  • Joining contractors and suppliers in monitoring the potential impacts on surrounding communities during the construction
  • Holding CPN Volunteer for community interests such as a fire drill
  • Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting (AGM)
  • The announcement of quarterly performance results in Analyst
  • Briefing and Opportunity Day in cooperation with SET. The information is also disclosed on the website:
  • www.cpn.co.th/investor_en.aspx
  • Annual report
  • Direct line of Investor Relations
  • Other communication channels of Central Group
  • Performance results and business growth
  • Business direction and short-term and long-term operational strategies
  • Equitable treatment of shareholders
  • Giving comments, recommendations, and complaints
  • Create sustainable quality growth, with steady returns and high performance
  • Developing the Code of Conduct in compliance with international standards as an operational guideline
Business competitors
  • Thai Shopping Center Association
  • Online communication channels and social network
  • Conducting business under the principle of fair competition
  • Jointly managing and developing the retail business as a whole
  • Disclosing helpful information among members
  • Disclosing information on growth, trends, and approach to drive overall business to the public such as holding press conferences
  • Representing the business sector to drive forward measures and policies that stimulate macroeconomic growth such as measures to promote Thailand as a shopping destination.

2. Performance Assessment of Material Sustainability Issues in 2017