Policies & Implementing Guidelines

  1. Policy on maintaining and using information
  2. Policy on information security
  3. Policy on internal control and internal audit
  4. Policy on managing conflicts of interest
  5. Policy on anti-corruption
  6. Policy on anti-money laundering
  7. Policy on political participation
  8. Policy on responsibility for the company's assets
  9. Policy on intellectual properties
  10. Policy on respect of law and principles of human rights
  11. Policy on treatment of customers
  12. Policy on hiring & purchasing and treatment of business partners
  13. Policy on treatment of creditors
  14. Policy on treatment of employees
  15. Policy on business competition
  16. Policy on society, communities, and the environment
  17. Policy on safety and occupational health
  18. Policy on public relations and marketing
  19. Biodiversity Management Policy
  20. Tax Principle
  21. Supply Chain Management Policy
  22. Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  23. Climate and Environment Policy