Ecology and Biodiversity Management

CPN has a clear policy not to develop any projects near protected or conservation areas. CPN has set a regulation that all new construction as well as renovation projects must take into consideration a survey and study of the projects’ ecology and consultation from outside experts. CPN also takes care to conserve the ecology around each construction site.

CPN focuses on promoting the quality of life by bringing nature close to people in society. This aims to help them bond with nature, appreciate its value, and conserve it so that it may remain with the communities. Trees were planted inside and outside the projects as seen from new projects constructed in year 2014 onward, namely CentralPlaza Salaya, CentralFestival EastVille, CentralPlaza WestGate, and CentralPlaza Nakhon Si Thammarat, including the renovation of existing shopping centers. If tree removal cannot be avoided, the trees growing on the land would be fenced in or carefully uprooted and replanted in other projects nearby. CPN projects’ landscape architecture must be designed in the highest agreement with the city’s characteristics and local ecology, such as planting indigenous trees around the project.

CPN formulated the policy of ecology and biodiversity and approach that focuses on growing or decorating large native plants with seasonal flowers inside and outside the projects, such as Golden Shower trees (or Cassia fistula) with yellow flowers, which are known as the national tree of Thailand, and Pink trumpet tree with delicate pink flowers that look like cherry blossoms. CPN planned and pioneered the landscape improvement in three pilot projects, namely CentralWorld, CentralPlaza WestGate, and CentralPlaza Ramindra. It will soon expand the scope of implementation to every shopping center across country. CPN also set landscape maintenance standards, which suppliers are required to comply with. It hopes that customers and people in the communities have a chance to get closer to nature and greenery, which will inspire them to care for and sustainably co-exist with nature.