Community and Social Development

CPN is the leading commercial property developer and a member of the Central Group, whose nature of business involves Thai people’s way of living. CPN is therefore committed to “developing” the wellbeing and economy of society, communities, and the nation in line with CPN’s growth, as implied in the Company’s name “Central Pattana” - the Center of Development. The key approaches that CPN and the Central Group are determined to jointly develop with society and communities involve community development and education.

CPN deployed the outcome of its customer needs survey as well as opinions, suggestions, and participation of communities, government agencies, civil society and representatives of the private sector as a reference to define an action plan to turn CPN into a community center. The plan is implemented through various programs, which are tailored by target group, location suitability, participation of the civil society sector, and readiness of related personnel with a focus on developing shared values by taking the following programs:

Investment and Community Development

  1. Constructed buildings for the public benefits in terms of transportation, wellbeing, and sanitation for neighboring residents. CPN also provides government agencies, education institutes, civil society agencies, and non-profit organizations with non-financial support, such as venues for free use or at a discount, to organize exhibitions. Furthermore, CPN offers special areas for public service and allows non-profit organizations to place donation boxes in the shopping centers. In collaboration with the Central Group, government agencies, and the civil society sector, CPN provides distribution channels for local entrepreneurs who are interested in the retail business.
  2. Incorporated local identities and cultures into project development and marketing activities to instill local pride, promote provincial tourism, and indirectly generate income for communities.
  3. CPN Volunteer activities not only allow CPN employees to spend work hours on volunteer activities, but also gives them financial support to help, promote, and reinforce communities on
    • Health and safety, such as fire-fighting training and providing government agencies with air conditioner-cleaning service.
    • Community and environmental development, for example reforestation and canal dredging.
    • Education, such as the Growing Thai Wisdom Project, which consists of volunteer activities implemented by the CSR team at the branch and Department of Corporate Social Responsibility-Special Activity at Head Office.

Collaboration with Tiang Chirathivat Foundation and Environmental Foundation

  1. Donated money to communities, charity organizations, and agencies related to communities where CPN operates. Moreover, CPN made a contribution for crisis relief and education.
  2. Other programs as seen appropriate, for example
    • Education: Developed Learning Centers in schools and communities in remote areas and border-patrol police schools under the Growing Thai Wisdom Project.
    • Environment: Offered exhibition venues for free and participated in environmental activities, such as “60+ Earth Hour” and other volunteer activities for environmental conservation.
    • Strengthened the local economy by holding “Our Community Products” fair, which encouraged local communities to produce and sell products via the Central Group’s distribution channels. CPN also offered them free venues to hold marketing promotional activities.